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Lord Dartington Will See You Now: The Best Dartington Crystal Glasses

If you think the name Dartington sounds like the name of those country estates you’d find out of a Jane Austen novel then… you’d be right!

Nestled in the comfort of Torrington Village, North Devon, Dartington Hall is the founding home of Dartington Crystal – one of the few crystal brands, still producing in the UK. They use traditional glassblowing techniques and all their products are gleaming, elegantly shaped and perfect for entertaining your friends or schmoozing your colleagues.

If you find something that tickles your vineyard, just click on the image and you can buy straight from Amazon! It will be delivered to you quickly and without fuss.

Let's uncork this!

1.) Dartington Select Red & White Wine Glasses: Set of 6

These select wine glasses are high quality crystal glassware, dishwasher friendly (so don't worry about watermarks!) and designed by Dartington for domestic and special occasions. Your glasses will come in this beautiful navy blue box, so if you have no cupboard space, you can safely store them in here until your next party or dinner. Should you need to transport your glasses anywhere - (perhaps you're going to a friend's house and you need to bring the glasses!) then this box is perfectly travel safe and easy to carry.

If you're thinking about housewarming gifts, then this box set is perfect for both red and white wine drinkers. Or if you're the one moving house, these glasses will be safely packaged and identifiable amongst all your moving clutter.

2). Dartington Cheers Red Wine Glasses

Or... perhaps you'd like to cheers your glass of red wine with these glossy red wine glasses, in sets of 4.

3). Dartington Glitz Crystal Goblet Wine Glasses: Set of 2

These gorgeous crystal goblets are decorated with hand cut Swarowski crystals. If you're hosting a bridal shower, hen party or thinking about gift ideas, these goblets have you covered. For your dry wines, their large bowl shapes will release the flavours of full bodied reds and whites.

4). Dartington Glitz Crystal Goblet Champagne Glasses: Set of 2

Why not gift your friends or loved ones with a crystallised champagne glass? If there's an anniversary or big birthday coming up and you'd like to raise a toast (or you're out of gift ideas) then these glitzy bad boys will come to your rescue! Like the wine goblets, they are decorated with Swarowski crystals (make sure you drop THAT into the conversation) and create the perfect celebratory feel for your celebrations.

Or... maybe you just really want a diamante glass!

5). Dartington Prosecco Glasses: Set of 2

Here we go! We all love a cheeky glass of fizz before dinner or if we want a nice gossip with our friends. You might use champagne flutes for Prosecco (why not, it's sparkling wine after all) but these Prosecco flutes are styled in the hourglass shape, which is the traditional shape used in the Prosecco region of Italy. You can't get more traditional than that! So cheers!


Dartington Martini Glass

All you 007 lovers out there - this one's for you! Dartington's very own martini glass is guaranteed to leave you feeling shaken and stirred. And I can speak personally when I say, there's nothing that makes me feel more like a socialite, than when I'm holding a martini glass - even if it's just filled with water!

So if you're hosting a cocktail party (Cosmo anyone?) or just want to feel like a bad bitch for an evening, these glasses have you covered. Dishwasher friendly and packaged in a branded Dartington box, it's also perfect for giftware. Now grab a slice of lemon, stick a toothpick through an olive and let's get shaking!

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